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About Dubai
Originally a small fishing settlement, Dubai was taken over in about 1830 by a branch of the Bani Yas tribe from the Liwa oasis led by the Maktoum family who still rule the emirate today.

The UAE has a sub-tropical, arid climate. Rainfall is infrequent and irregular. Falling mainly in winter, it amounts to some 13 centimeters a year.
Temperatures range from a low of about 10 degrees Celsius to a high of 48 degrees Celsius. The mean daily maximum is 24 degrees in January rising to 41 degrees in July.

The official language is Arabic. English is widely understood and ranks alongside Arabic as the language of commerce.

Birding Breaks

For birdwatchers, Dubai has something really special to offer, a tidal wetland right on its doorstep, within a few minutes of the center of town. The city skyline forms a backdrop for thousands of flamingoes, herons, ducks and shorebirds, which Feed and rest on the mudflats on their migration between Asia and Africa.

Arabian Experiences

  • Desert Safaris, dune driving and wadi-bashing.
  • Moonlight Arabian barbecues in the street complete with traditional entertainment.
  • Camel Racing and falconry.
  • Cruises exotic of traditional wooden dhow or modern cabin cruiser on the Dubai Creek and into the Gulf.
  • The exotic sights and sounds of traditional commerce in the bustling souks and on the Quays of the Creek.
  • Photographic opportunities galore- elegant mosques, sumptuous palaces, brightly dressed children, majestic camels, ancient wind towers, dusty villages and dramatic sunsets.
Having expanded along both banks of the Creek, Dubai’s central business district is divided into two parts — Deira on the northern side and Bur Dubai to the south — connected by a tunnel and two bridges. Each has its share of fine mosques and busy souks, of public buildings, shopping malls, hotels, office towers, banks, hospitals, schools, apartments and villas.
Al Fahidi Fort, which houses the Dubai Museum, is another imposing building. It once guarded the city’s landward approaches. Built around 1799, it has served variously as palace, garrison and prison.
The Souks  
The souks on both sides of the Creek are attractive not just for their shopping bargains but also as places for the sightseer and photographer.

A huddle of narrow alleyways has survived on the Deira side despite intensive building in recent years. In the tiny lanes of the spice souk, the atmosphere and the scents of the past can be savored. Bags of spices, incense, rose petals and traditional medicinal products are stacked outside each stall.

Along the slightly larger lanes of the gold souk, each shop window is crammed with gold necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings and brooches. In the evening the area is a hive of activity. Gold prices are among the lowest in the world

Desert Safari
An unforgettable trip to the land of endless sands you will enjoy the excitement of driving over the dunes, view the magic of the Arabian Desert sunset. You will have the opportunity to ride a camel, smoke shisha, sand surf, traditional henna painting done. Or simply watch your evening feast being prepared as the stars light.

Overnight Safari
Among the understanding golden dunes lies our Bedouin camp welcoming us to discover the true feeling of Arabia.
Have time to relax under the starlightt sky,Camel ride. A delicious barbecue diner will be served entertainment is guaranteed by a belly-dancing show. After a magical night in the silence of the desert, the sunrise wakes you up and you enjoy the breakfast before heading to mountain area for refreshing swim.

Dhow Cruise
Dhow cruise with dinner is a romantic way of spending an evening aboard a dhow gently cruising along the moonlight creek past Dubai brilliantly illuminated waterfront.

Dubai City Tour
Uncover the history and discover the future of vibrant Dubai City.
Be awed at the beauty of Burj Alarab, jumeirah Mosque and Emirates Tower .
Then be enchanted at the wonderful Dubai Museums, Dubai Creek, Spice Souk, Gold Souk and other marvelous Landmarks.

Hatta Tour
At one of the most amazing spots in the UAE, you will get the chance to see mountains with its imposing cliffs and fresh cold water rock pools. Hidden waterfalls inside a gorge and the ancient fortress village. Finally have lunch at a five star swimming pool.

East Cost
A trip to the ocean where you can view Hajar Mountains, The Local Marker. Masafi Wadis Fishing Village, Bidaya Mosque Fujairah old fort and Bithna. Then enjoy a refreshing swim in The Indian Ocean.

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